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Top Step Design is actually the business name for me, Tim Martin. I am a professional contract graphic designer and freelance packaging designer with over 25 years experience in the field of marketing and graphic design. This experience has prepared me to help clients think through their projects, develop marketing strategy, and produce superior promotional materials that meet objectives and generally exceed expectations. My office is located near Boise, ID, and my primary client base is located in the Pacific Northwest, but since opening Top Step Design in 2003, I have also worked with companies across the country. I’ve found that the most important aspect of good business relationships is not proximity, but high quality work, and dependable service. I also offer service in Spanish. ¡Sí, hablo Español!


If your project requires expertise in print, web or packaging graphics, I can help. Although my experience has covered the gamut, I have become a specialist in packaging design, print advertising, messaging, and manufacturing product marketing. The projects that I regularly design include logos, brochures, trade show booth graphics, advertisements, direct mail, posters, catalogs, business stationery, package graphics, banner ad design, cartooning and websites.

Marketing messaging & graphic design


We seldom think about it, but all of the images and messages on advertisements, packages, and even junk mail started as an idea in the mind of a graphic designer somewhere. His job is to create artwork which communicates an idea or sells something. The initial step of developing the messaging and setting the right conceptual direction for the design is probably even more important than the final step of creating the actual artwork. Over the years, I have become an expert in both steps, and feel that this where my greatest value lies. I don’t just want to make your promotional materials look good, I want them to be effective.


Although I have worked on numerous projects in various industries, I have developed a special interest and expertise in the following:

Messaging Expert


Over the last 30 years, I have discovered that many businesses are really great at developing their products or services.  But these same businesses often struggle to adequately PRESENT their product in the marketplace.  That’s where I come in. Years of experience, combined with a “marketing brain” has allowed me to become a specialist not only in design, but also in messaging. Professional level graphic design, combined with precise and properly targeted messaging can make your product or service look as great as it really is.

Freelance Packaging Designer


Retail packaging design requires a little different way of thinking than what is needed to create other kinds of marketing material. A skilled package designer needs to understand how to make a product stand out on the shelf and how to make it sell ITSELF from the shelf. Often the package is the only salesman standing between an interested customer and a completed purchase. Years of experience with these very unique challenges have prepared me to be a  freelance package designer who is a real asset to whole process.

Freelance Graphic Designer


My first design job was in the art department of an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer. Does it get in your blood? I’m not sure, but since opening Top Step Design, I’ve had the privilege of helping literally dozens of manufacturers in refining their message and promoting their products. My clients have appreciated my understanding of the manufacturing process and of the unique marketing challenges that manufacturers face. My specialty in packaging design and messaging has also proved extremely valuable to my manufacturing clients. So whether you need a hand with trade show graphics, food packaging, sales collateral, point of sale displays, web banner design, or consumer packaged goods (CPG design), let’s talk. I believe I can help.